Book a Show

For theaters, libraries, colleges, festivals and conferences

Contact: Jeff Sebens (manager/musician) at or at 276-318-3808

Barbara’s shows are exceptionally easy to present. 

(and we bring in hundreds for our Pro-Arts series  at UVAWise).

 Barbara  and Jeff are professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with.
- Phil Henry, Technical Director

Tight budgets?  Here's help with  special discounts:

Available for multiple bookings on the same travel route
Negotiable for more than one show or added workshop

Friends of the Library groups get a special discount.
Theaters get a box-office split.

Minimal Staging:
set pieces furnished by performer; space about 12x16

hammered and lap dulcimer accompaniment, other surprises

Promotional materials:
photos, press release, bookmarks as handouts, promotion tips

1-hour shows including brief Q&A or "talk back" offered & preferred


all necessary sound reinforcement provided, serves most venues

ranging from basic on-off  to minimal cues for theaters

Setup time:

normally one hour ahead of show time


intimate arrangement favored, avoiding a center aisle (2 side aisles- or none- better), curving in the edges of the rows

Workshop options:
"Our Own Stories:" The show's protagonist having told her story is an effective springboard for  follow-up workshop. 
                                 (more on workshop here)


for fees, set-up, technical matters:
Jeff Sebens (manager/musician): or at 276-318-3808



A separate meeting room (other than dining room) when possible;
Contact (for Jeff) with hotel or conference center staff person;
Performance timing that avoids serving & clearing by wait staff;
A room clear of distractions from adjacent rooms;
A performance space away from windows.