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FAQ'S about presenting "Go, Granny D!"



What kind of venue or space is needed?

No need to find a theater. A community room is great- at a library, church (UU, etc.), community or senior center, or senior housing, or a college; some have "built-in" memberships/audiences. Intimate rooms for 20-50 are best unless a larger audience is expected.   

What must we provide?

A space and an audience. All else brought in.

How will it benefit us to sponsor it?

Fundraising, public awareness, empowering & inspiring action, such as voter registration on the spot.

What will it cost to put it on?

No performance fee; actress & musician consider it a cause. Any help with travel expenses is welcome, not required.




How do we start building interest & support?

Partner with any progressive groups, i.e. League of Women Voters (Granny D a 50-year member),

political clubs, Move to Amend, churches, especially UU's with their Social Justice emphasis. 

Basic & free publicity: press release & photos (provided), email lists, newsletters, Facebook, Public Service Announcements.  


Say more about the  promotional materials you have for us.

We have created an online "boxful" (folder) of readymade materials- press releases, photos, posters, reviews, & much more in an online "Dropbox" which you need only to click on.

 Click here for Dropbox





Any further questions from what you've read?


Have you connected with Dropbox (using the link) & opened at least the press release & photos- the most essential things to make use of right away?


Call or email me. As musician/manager I'm happy to help in any way.

Jeff Sebens - j.sebens@yahoo.com - 276-318-3808