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Reviews for "Go, Granny D!"

West Coast Comments:

Such a delightful reminder of Granny D's wonderful work in getting big money out of politics. Her message is SO needed.  
Rose Lewis, League of Women Voters, Corvallis show


After a performance like yours, any man would  give you the shirt off his back.  Thanks for taking this important message across the country in such an engaging way.

Michael Huntington, M.D., Physicians for a National Health Program


An entertaining, thought-provoking and inspirational show, also as a community linking experience ...synergetic.  Thank you for such a heart-felt and spirited portrayal of Granny D.    Dawn Warneking, Corvallis sponsor


Barbara, thank you for bringing Granny D to life and re-energizing us in our ongoing work for democracy.  Jeff, thank you for the music, commentary and logistics work.  You make it all easy!    Nancy Neff, CA Clean Money, Palo Alto


Their show is a fabulous tribute to a remarkable woman. You will laugh, you will be amazed and you will cheer. 
Daily Kos, Elizabeth Kasensky, Palo Alto show

'Go Granny D!' is such a delightful show. I will contact Common Cause about it.     —Jan Rubens, Palo Alto Show


Keep up the good work of encouraging us to promote Granny D's cause of looking out for the interest of the people! 
Karen Jernigan, Monterey show


We loved the play, and we loved you and Jeff.  Your going that extra mile, as Granny D did, inspired everyone in the room to do more.Linda Sturgeons, Move to Amend, Ashland OR

You are awesome. It was an inspirational play, with that Can Do spirit
a call to action for people young and old­. 

Sylvia Shih, Monterey Peace and Justice Center


Thanks to Barbara and Jeff, the Granny D event was a win-win for all.   
Shirley Lin Kinoshita, Women's International League for Peace and Freeedom, Raging Grannies


Folks still talking about the show; it's sparking a new project!    —Alice Carlson, LWV, Dolphin Players, Coos Bay OR

What Others Are Saying:

At a barn in southwest Virginia

An amazing show on so many levels. A full house of  both LIBERALS and  CONSERVATIVES  all loved the play.

                                                                                                                       —Felecia Shelor, event sponsor, small business owner

At a League of Women Voters benefit in Blacksburg

      We raised a  chunk of money, boosted spirit and cohesion, and this was an inspiration to all of us. 

—David Scheim, LWV Board Member 

At the official “Granny D Day” in Keene, New Hampshire

Fabulous show bringing Granny D to life—the music, the interweaving of the walk with the voter registration drive and campaign.

                                                                                                                                          —Maude Salinger, Granny D's press secretary

The salute to Granny D was truly inspiring—so imaginative and authentic.  

I felt I was in my office with Doris, talking over itineraries before her great walk! 

—James A. Rousmaniere Jr., Editor and President, The Keene (NH)Sentinel

Barbara Bates Smith is a brilliant actress with a message in her insightful, funny interpretation of Granny D...You’ll wear your  “Never too Old to Raise a Little Hell” button with pride.
—Mary Ann Enloe, Enterprise Mountaineer

In her own beguiling way Barbara—in engaging collaboration with musician Jeff Sebens—leads us through this reformer’s  journey in a performance that laces homespun wisdom and biting social commentary with gentle and sometimes outrageous humor. 

—William Johnson Everett, Author, Red Clay, Blood River

I really enjoyed the show. You had me on the edge of my seat wondering if she'd make it!  And I loved Jeff's music, especially "Lift Every Voice." I hope it gets more people to interact with their democracy!

—Charlie Flynn-McIver, Artistic Director, NC Stage Company, Asheville, NC

This show will make you laugh and think and beg for more.   
—Michelle Grasty, blog review

 My wife Barbara and I were impressed with the show, and the reaction of the crowd confirmed its quality.             

—Tom Coulson, activist with Common Cause, NC Voters for Clean Elections

How great to raise money and have such a terrific time!

—Janie Benson, Chair, Haywood County Democrats

Smith is a master at movementbehind the pulpit, at the writing desk, 

or in the chair at stage center... It’s a powerful message.

Jim Cavener, Asheville Citizen-times

This show needs to tour the whole country, particularly where voter suppression is rampant. Granny D's story of enthusiasm, dedication and effort is inspiring.  — Jan Kuykendall

Fantastic performance from you both.   —Juanita Dixon, NC 2012 recipient, Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award