Off Stage

I'm in D.C. now, wanting to "get involved" & to pursue some of my special interests:

    Leading almost any kind of group in SHARING OUR OWN STORIES
    Started as sharings in nursing homes & at a home for cerebral palsy adults;
    Selected for a "True Stories"  workshop with Spalding Gray at Esalen Institute;
    Touring 1-woman shows, offering post-show "Our Own Stories" workshops-         
    Co-directed "JAZZ, JAM, NO JIVE," 25 black teenagers (& Nat Adderley)        
    STORY CIRCLE: A 3-year stint leading a weekly circle, mixed homeless/housed at Haywood St.
     Congregation, Asheville NC.   SEE PHOTO

    Social Justice: proud of my "I Went to Jail with Rev. Barber" button in  Moral Monday  movement, Durham NC;
    Racial Justice: proud to wear "Black Lives Matter" button, joining NAACP & Changemakers for Racial Understanding;
    "Our Revolution" member: grassroots movement of Bernie Sanders & Nina Turner;
    Peace: came to DC  'way back, to protest the pre-emptive Iraq war.

    Mindful meditation group at "The K" condos, accepting more members;
    Seeking a church community with diverse membership & social outreach;

    Sign Language
    Book Club (a decade of James Joyce under my belt)
    Aging gracefully

    Music in a Group: I brought only my harmonica with me;
    Dancing in a Group- (or with just one, or just "letting go" alone);
    Hiking, & maybe biking.

"GO, GRANNY D!": a performance,  also a cause, no performance fee. ( K St. NW, #1127/ Washington DC 20001