Fannie Lou Hamer "On Our Way!"

 The Story of Fannie Lou Hamer
 Civil Rights Heroine-
and Mississippi sharecropper, disrupter of the 1964 
Democratic National Convention in New Jersey....

Brenda Ellis
Barbara Bates Smith (playwright/narrator)
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Jeff Sebens
                                                            -Enabling discussions about race
                                                            -Motivating voters



Note from Barbara:

1964: I'm firmly ensconced in my white privilege, settling our little family into Lakeland, Florida (NOT in my home state of Alabama, recalling with shame the bombing of the Birmingham church, Sheriff Bull Connor & his dogs, & Governor George Wallace blocking the University door).  No.  I d0 not return to fight the good fight. I apologize for that…  2020: In Columbia SC I meet Brenda (we're both Rev. Barber fans: Brenda is with his Poor Peoples' Campaign; I went to jail with him in NC) And now "We're On Our Way!"