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"Ivy, Alice, & Evalina" (B. Smith Celebrates Lee Smith)

It was a lucky  day for me when Lee Smith requested that I "do something" from her most recently published novel, "Guests on Earth,"
accompanying her talk. Well. I fell in love with the decidedly new and wistful voice of the teen-age pianist Evalina, who encounters the vivid Zelda Fitzgerald at  Asheville's Highland Hospital.

And why not later add two other colorfully diverse characters from Lee's fiction: "Ivy" the feisty mountain woman from "Fair and Tender Ladies" and  "Alice," a saucy senior in "The Happy Memories Club," whose memories are deemed "not happy enough."

"The two Smiths seem made for each other," cited the Asheville Citizen-Times. Lee Smith has said, “I am Barbara’s most avid fan and groupie, and Jeff is a genius as musical accompanist.”

The photo is from the Waynesville Library.  It was a hit (one could ask librarian Kathy Olsen).  Jeff and I  are now  touring with it.