Lee Smith, author, "Fair and Tender Ladies":

Over 20 years ago, when Barbara first approached me about creating a one-woman play from my novel, Fair and Tender Ladies, I told her she was crazy.  After all, this novel is all about writing; it's told in the form of letters. But it's impossible to say "no" to Barbara, who is even gutsier than her main character, Ivy Rowe. 

    The result has been one of the great joys of my life. Barbara IS Ivy Rowe! Ivy didn't die when I published the book. From Tampa to Grundy High School in my own hometown (it had to be in Grundy, I said, before it went to New York) to an off-Broadway run and almost 700 performances all over the country and in Edinburgh, Ivy is leading a long and vital life of her own. No writer has ever been  better served by a production of her work. 


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