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Reviews from "Confessions of a Clergy Wife"

The show is a zinger—compelling... brave... authentic.   —Frank Levering, D.D., Harvard; Cherry Orchard Theatre,  Ararat VA

Outstanding! I’d like to run off with you! The Rev. Tim McRee, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Canton NC

I'd say "intelligent," "spirit fed," "hilarious" and "wonderful"! - Judith Toy, Buddhistleader, Cloud Cottage sangha, Black Mountain

A stimulating, charming invasion of our psycho-spiritual givens, helping people open up parts of their lives that had been locked up
—William J. Everett, theologian, author of “Red Clay, Blood River”

A gifted blend of humor and philosophical questions and personal history.  What a story teller! —Penny Morse, Mountain Writers 

One could tell from the audience response how deeply you touched them. Arlene and I talked afterwards about how many people are starved for religious life that goes beyond dogmatism.
—Michael Lodico, Chair, Adult Education, Grace Episcopal Church, Waynesville NC

A wonderful piece about a spiritual journey- of sorts  —Sara Jenkins, Present Perfect Books, author, editor


We have gotten nothing but raves about your performance —Eleanor Hazell, MusicDirector, St. Andrew’s, Canton NC

A confirmation and a blessing, and a valuable springboard to discussion
                                                                                  —The Reverend Alice Mason, St. David’s Episcopal Church, Cullowhee NC


Thank you for your honesty, your questions, your ability to elicit laughter and tears  Sarah Tippett, Lake Junaluska NC


Many thanks again for your art from the heart. —Marya Roland,  Artist, WCU Art faculty

You were wonderful  and  wonder full

You were thoughtful and thought full

We don't get enough opportunities to challenge ourselves but yesterday was an exception.  Thank you for making a rainy afternoon so sunny.... —Peter Sterling, Waynesville NC, Historic Preservation Commission

Your performance was both delightful and thought-provoking. —Catherine Buss, Program Chairman, St. Andrew’s

We are the couple from Lakeland who met you at Grace Church in Waynesville.  We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and have not been able to stop thinking (and talking) about it with friends... We are living in a time when lots of people are unhappy with church as it is now, but deeply in love with the Lord and His ways in the heart.

                                                                                                                                —Jeff and Elaine Brock, Lakeland FL